Vegas Points

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Vegas Points

What are they? — How do you get them? — Who has them?

“Vegas points” are the points earned by teams, which determine what teams from our league are sponsored by our charter to participate in the International Championships in Las Vegas. A team needs to get at least 6 points to receive full sponsorship. At a minimum, teams with 6 points will get their $250 entry fee paid for the tournament. There will also be some money available to provide cash sponsorship. How much each team receives will depend upon how many teams qualify with points. Also there may be different amounts of cash sponsorship (depending upon various factors) as determined by the Board of Directors. The Board also has final approval for all teams sponsored.

As we have switched to a new format, being that each season is now an A/B season, we are now giving Vegas Points in the following manner:

5 points for 1st place, 4 points for 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place, 2 points for 4th place and 1 point for all other teams that finish in the A Division.  These points are for the A Division.  There will also be 1 point for the 1st place team in the B Division.

All points now count towards the $250 entry fee with this breakdown.

  • 1 point gets $100 of entry fee      paid
  • 2 points gets $150 of entry fee      paid
  • 3 points gets $200 of entry fee      paid
  • 4 & 5 points gets full $250      entry fee paid
  • 6 points gets full $250 entry      fee paid and a stipend share

Stipend amount will depend on teams qualified and choosing to go.

Because teams break up and recombine and play in various combinations on different nights, the points go with the captain!! However, it is not enough for 3 or 4 captains with points to form an alliance for Vegas. The team still needs to meet the eligibility rules for a “regular team” which are described in the Vegas info section of the website. And 3 original players are required for any eaglevnea funding.

At the recent captains meeting, an amendment was passed to make longevity points and Vegas points equivalent.

  • 5 qualified seasons earns 2 Vegas points
  • 7 qualified seasons earns 4 Vegas points
  • Points are still earned by season finish above
  • Longevity points are described in the Vegas Rewards Program below.

Vegas Rewards Program


  1. All Vegas roster players for that year must be eligible under VNEA requirements.
  2. Each team must have 7 qualified seasons.  A qualified season is defined as having at least 3 of the Vegas Team Roster participating as a regular member of the team.  The same 3 players need not play each season.  Each member of the Vegas Roster must have played in at least 2 qualified seasons with their      teammates.  3 members of the team must have played at least 7 seasons in the league system.  Seasons may be accrued cumulatively and not necessarily consecutively.
  3. Teams may be eligible for the Vegas Reward no more often than once every three years.
  4. Any team earning a full sponsorship from the high season standings and Vegas points will have the “Clock” for the rewards program reset the following year.
Captain Tues Wed Total Points
Chuck Ryan Predators – 5 Predators – 5 10
E Orantez Playerz – 4 Much Love – 4 8
Andy Farber ER No’s – 3 3
Tommy Norris Death Strokes – 3 3
Jim Kennedy 8 Balls and a Rack – 2 Still Rising – 2 4
Santiago James The Ringers – 1 1
Bryan Valdez BI Brothers – 1 1
Mike Linneman Buggy Wheel Boyz – 1 Buggy Wheel Boyz – 1 2
Tony Farr Pool Runnings – 1 1
Ray Burr WTF’s – 1 1
Adrian Duran Dead Strokes – 1 1