Eagle Services

Eagle Vending is the largest independent amusement vending company in Tucson and has been serving for over 34 years. We are a leader in sound entertainment offering customized digital downloading jukebox music systems designed specifically for your location. Eagle offers a full line of pool tables, dart boards, countertop trivia games, video games and much more.

Eagle Vending is proud to offer our customers the latest in dart leagues and pool leagues. We provide both in-house and traveling leagues. We will help organize and promote in-house tournaments.

Eagle Vending provides service from 9 a.m. until midnight, 7 days a week/365 days a year. Same day service is provided with our goal being a two hour response time. All amusement machines can be rotated on a regular schedule based on type of equipment, time in location and revenue. Routine maintenance and software updates are also performed on a regular basis. Eagle Vending will work with the location to determine the customer base and which games appeal to them.

Eagle Vending provides all cue sticks, chalk, lamps, etc. for pool tables. Pool tables are recovered on a regular basis approximately every 6 months. Cue stick are a top quality bar stick with glue on tips and ferrules (no slip-on tips are used).

Collections will be done at the location on a regular basis. The location will know which day and the approximate time our representative is scheduled to collect your account.

Eagle Vending is a member of the American Music Operators of America (AMOA), Valley National Eightball Association (VNEA) and the National Dart Association (NDA). We are also an associate member of the Arizona Liquor Beverage Association (ALBA).

Thank you for considering Eagle Vending as your vendor. If we can answer any questions, please feel free to call us @ 520-748-2955.